Why Hire A Wedding Planner?

13th June 2018

So this may seem like promotion on our part but today, as you can tell by the title, we’ll be discussing why hiring a wedding planner can make life easier for you. This applies to any wedding planner you may choose and we’ll be as impartial as possible… (promise)

Saving you time

You have many responsibilities and perhaps you feel like you’re already spending every spare bit of time you get with your children, catching up on work or something equally time consuming. Where are you going to find the time to plan an entire wedding? This is where your wedding planner comes in. We take the bulk of the work off your hands so you have more time to spend on the important things in your life.

Sourcing suppliers specifically for you

A big part of a wedding planner’s job is to create your dream team of suppliers. It’s our job to pair you up with suppliers we think will best suit your style, vision and personality. It’s important that your suppliers 100% understand what you want – we bridge the communication gap.

Samantha Ward Photography

Samantha Ward Photography

Sorting your admin

Believe it or not but wedding planners love spreadsheets, lists and documents. We’re so into lists that we have lists for lists!! Being the admin geeks we are, we are happy to take on your boring document stuff, organise them and only face you with them when you need them. You’re guaranteed not to be drowning in paper with us around.

Designing your wedding

This is what wedding planners are probably best known for. It’s not enough to be an admin fiend; creative flair is an important part of the job description too. Designing your wedding to be personal to you as a couple as well as full of wow factor is a challenge but one we relish.

Keeping you up to date with the latest trends

Wedding planners have to keep up with what’s going on in the industry. New trends present some great ideas like having street food stalls instead of the traditional sit down meal. We can introduce you to ideas you may never have thought of before.

Advising on etiquette and customs

Weddings are very deep set in tradition. There are alot of customs and etiquette that you may not know about or know which traditions to ignore and which to embrace. Wedding planners know everything there is to know so you’re in good hands.

Taking the weight off on the day

You’re the bride or groom, it’s your special day! The last thing you want is to carry around cash envelopes for suppliers, talk to the frazzled catering manager about when food is going out and supervise the venue dressers at 8am! You just want to enjoy the whirlwind of the day hassle-free.

Being a friend

Sometimes the most important thing of all is that, as wedding planners that care about you, we are your friends too. We’re that friendly face first thing on the morning of your wedding to let you know that everything is okay. We’re the smiling faces that fix your tie and grab you a drink to calm your nerves. It’s the job of a wedding planner to make the process stress-free, personal and fun!

And that’s it! Thank you for reading this article. We hope you found it helpful! Perhaps if you’re struggling to convince the other half to hire a wedding planner, this read will help 😉


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