Ultra-Violet – Pantone Colour of the Year 2018

17th January 2018

PANTONE® is a world-renowned authority on colour and is one of the main resources which designers, manufacturers and retailers look to for inspiration on colour trends. So how can you input this beautiful colour into your wedding theme? Here are just a few ideas…

All things floral

Ultra Violet is such a fantastic colour to add to any colour scheme as it’s hues and complimentary colours feature throughout the four seasons. For a vibrant summer wedding take inspiration from Pantones® Desert Sunset; have a love of pink? then choose the Kindred Spirit palette or for an autumn wedding be inspired by palette Quietude. Being such a versatile colour florists will also love it as there are so many colour and bloom combinations available including roses, pansies hyacinths, calla lilies, orchids, heather, verbena, lavender, delphiniums and lilacs, just to name a few.

Bridesmaid dresses

When it comes to bridesmaid dresses you will also be spoilt for choice. Designers  Dessy have even dedicated a whole section on their website to Ultra Violet – check it out here  

Either go full-on with head-to-toe violet or mix with silver, navy or grey.

And for the boys?

Either go full-on with head-to-toe violet or mix with silver, navy or grey.

Let them eat cake!

Be bold, not brashy when adding this colour to your Pièce de résistance.

Image: MOD Wedding

Or keep the cake simple and add the colour using flowers and a little sprinkle of imagination?

Flowers by: Red Floral Architecture. Image by: Teresa C Photography

Write on!

Dress it up or pare it down, Ultra-Violet will happily mix with gold, silver, pinks, ivory or white and for designs choose watercolour, letterpress, foil or print. Use it as the main colourway or simply keep add as an accessory colour or for the writing alone.

Wedding & Venue Decor

Let your imagination fly with this colour! Check out our inspirational boards using PANTONE® colour combinations.

Key palette combinations created by Pantone®

Kindred Spirits

Floral Fantasies

Desert Sunset



Image by: SMH Photography

Drama Queen


Image: Samantha Ward Photography

Main Image: Phil Drinkwater Photography


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