Top 5 Wedding Trends This Season

18th December 2016

This wedding season has been an abundance of riches for the modern wedding couple who want their day to be bursting with personality. More and more, weddings are moving away from the traditional white, elegant occasions to something all the more unique and customised.

Photo by David Stubbs

Bright Colours

Bold colours are big this season. Warm colours like pinks, oranges, yellows and reds are very in right now as well as a more eclectic mix of flowers. Bye bye blush roses!

Photo by Sachin Khona

Industrial Chic

Rustic is out and industrial is in. Feature walls of exposed brick and metal warehouse beams are a huge attraction to the modern couple. Though barns and country homes still have an English quirkiness to them, more gritty spaces like The Titanic Hotel in Liverpool are taking centre stage.

Photo by Phil Drinkwater

First Look Photos

This is a trend we’re stealing from our American friends across the pond. A first look photo is when the bride and groom are taken to a quiet place before the ceremony by their photographer and are given a glimpse of each other. It makes for a very touching scene where they see each other as bride and groom for the very first time. It also has an intimacy about it as the couple can react to how lovely the other looks without the entire wedding party looking at them. You’re free to smile, laugh, cry, high five all before you tie the knot.

Photo by SandS Photo

Groomsmaids and Bridesmen

Traditions are slowly fading out of favour in the wedsingsphere. The divide between the girls and the boys is no different! If your best friend is a man then why not have a Man of Honour. Why can’t your groom include his best girl friends as Groomsmaids. Anything is possible when it comes to your wedding!

Photo by Dave Robbins

Cocktail Drinks Reception

We at Fabulous Together are huge fans of this. A Cocktail drinks reception or evening cocktail hour adds a bit of flavor to your wedding. Many mobile mixologists offer a bespoke service that allows you to have personalised names for your cocktails as well as tailor them to the theme of your wedding. Flair cocktail waiters also add to the entertainment with their flips and tricks while serving your guests.

That’s it! What do you think of our list? What’s your favourite wedding trend?

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