Top 5 fun things to do this Valentine’s Day

14th February 2018

It’s Valentine’s Day… so happy Valentine’s! As we all know it can be hard to keep things fresh and exciting, particularly if you have been with your other half for a number of years. So here are our top five ideas for Valentine’s Day celebrations.

1. Have a Valentine’s Day Brunch!

This year Valentine’s Day falls on a Wednesday so instead of the traditional candlelit dinner, why not organise a romantic brunch for your fiance/partner/spouse? Not only would it be far easier than finding a table in the evening, but you also get the luxury of a relaxing evening with him as well, and let’s face it, that is pretty rare for most of us.

2. Unwind at a local spa

We are huge fans of spas at Fabulous Together Weddings as we believe in pure indulgence and luxury. There’s no better way to experience that then a side by side massage and a soothing soak in the Jacuzzi. Remember to book in advance if you want any couple’s treatments. If you’re not bothered about getting rubbed by essential oils then many of spas have day passes that entitle you to their pool, sauna and steam facilities for as long as you wish.

3. Try chocolate making

We recommend this for everything and anyone – hens, stags, birthday parties, average Sunday afternoons… We love chocolate, can you tell! But honestly, chocolate making is sure to get brownie points with your other half (no pun intended).

4. Have a staycation

Though we don’t like to admit it, our fair nation is home to quite a few romantic hotspots. Bath, York, Anglesey, Edinburgh, the Lake District and the Scottish Highlands are all options for a romantic getaway if you can’t get away this year! Our personal favourite is the Lake District for intimate hotels, amazing views and amorous hand-in-hand walks through the forest.

5. Absolutely nothing

We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to make Valentine’s Day one to remember every single year. We spend more money, more time and more planning on it to make it bigger and better than the last one. It’s great to do something special but sometimes it’s even better just to have a lazy day doing nothing at all and bask in each others company without the pressure of gifts, lavish dinners and other displays of affection. The person you are happy to do nothing at all with is truly special.

Hope you have a wonderful day xx


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