Tips For Perfect Bridal Makeup

2nd August 2017

Our beautiful wedding last weekend got us thinking about bridal beauty as we watched the talented Samantha work on our lovely bride Rachel. There are as many make-up looks as there are brides so there isn’t one bridal look for everyone. However, there are always some guidelines to follow so you look your very best on your big day! Here are some top tips.

Look out for long lasting formulas

Weddings are long days! It flies by quickly but there’s no denying that all eyes will be on you for circa 10-12 hours. For that, your makeup needs to be waterproof, prosecco-proof, kiss-proof, hug-proof and general smiling-for-hours-proof. Shop savvy and look out for long-lasting foundations that are guaranteed not to budge as well as liquid lipsticks which are famously transfer-free. Primers also help to keep your face in place but beware, use it sparingly because things can get smooth to cakey very quickly when using primers.

Take care of your skin

All beautiful make-up starts with a great base! Take care of your skin on the run up to your wedding and you’re guaranteed to have that inner bridal glow all day. The best way to do this is to devise a routine through trial and error and stick to it… religiously. Consistency is everything when it comes to your skin so be sure not to make any sudden changes the week before the wedding just to be safe. If you have space in your budget for a little pampering, bi-monthly facials can do wonders too.

Amplify your usual makeup

You want to look like the best version of yourself on your wedding day so now is not the time to follow convention if it’s not your look. If you’ve worn winged eyeliner since you were 15 then go for it! If you like big bold lips then don’t shy away with nude lipsticks. Your groom is marrying you just as you are, so be yourself.

Respect your skin type

If you’re an oily person then you’ll know how every day is a battle to stay matte. Those with dry skin who are in a constant battle to combat dullness and bring their skin to life. Choose products that compliment your skin type so you strike the perfect balance.

Get a professional

If you can’t face doing your make-up yourself on top of everything else then hiring a professional is wise. It gives you one less responsibility and you can do a trial beforehand to make sure you look exactly as you want to on the day. A professional can also best advise you on shade matching and colours to suit your skin tone. Here at Fabulous Together, we work with a plethora of fantastic makeup artist’s so do get in touch if you need help sourcing one!

We hope you enjoyed this article and found our tips helpful. Stay gorgeous!


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