The Ultimate Wedding Gift Alternative

12th April 2017

We are always looking for new and unique ways to make your wedding better and more personal to you. Wedding gifts are one of those trends that comes and goes in waves with many couples not feeling the need for household goods.

As a modern couple you most likely live together already as 75% of couples live together before tying the knot and many have been together for years before the big day approaches. Your home is your castle, full of personal touches you’ve built up to make your house a home… so what do you buy the couple who has everything?

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An investment in your future

A novel way to solve this problem is crowdfunding. It sounds like a dodgy corporate deal but in fact, it’s simply a registry online that allows your guests to donate any amount they like to a certain cause. It could be a deposit on your first house, a contribution towards your honeymoon, a donation to your favourite charity or any other big project you plan to embark on together. Sounds great right?

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The big disadvantage

In most cases, the one disadvantage that the future married couple face is that many of the crowdfunding websites charge the clients hefty fees for using their service.
Generally, crowdfunding websites charge a percentage of the total amount donated (around 5% to 6%). This can be a lot!

For example, say each person donates £100 with 100 guests at the wedding. This is £10,000 in the kitty – kerching!

However, when you deduct the 5%, that’s £500, you’re left with £9,500. Still a princely sum but still a pain to pay!

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The solution

If you want to keep that £500 then free crowdfunding websites are definitely the way to go. Easy, no cost fundraising is possible if you know where to look.

Luxury travel agents like Kuoni often have a wedding gift list service which go towards paying off your honeymoon directly. Sites like Plumfund and Honeyfund but there are many of them out there. These services allow you to receive donations from your guests towards your next big project together!

That’s it for now! Short and sweet – what do you think of the idea of guest donations? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.


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