The Stats may just surprise you …….

19th December 2016

I have a fun little infographic for you today, kindly sent to us by the Wedding Secret.  It provides loads of helpful information about the number of marriages in the UK, the average age of the bride and groom, the most popular counties and cities to marry in and it even pin points the most popular day to tie the knot. If you have not yet set the date for your big day you could use this to your advantage!!!

Have a look and see how many of the averages you match. Are you a 30 year old female, getting married on a Saturday in August in Bath? If so, you’re not alone and you can bet that you will have had to fight to secure that perfect venue.

Enjoy and thanks again to the Wedding Secret for compiling all this information.

Debbie x 

Wedding statistics infographic

You can find out more about the inforaphic by clicking on the wedding secret link here

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