The Secret To Good Wedding Favours

3rd May 2017

Wedding favours, now there’s a quandary for many a bridal couple. Those little gifts of appreciation (which are by no means obligatory) can be elaborate jaw-dropping gestures or refined and cute that make everyone smile; the main thing is, it needs to be personal. Here are some ideas. 

Harking back centuries ago when European aristocrats would give out little trinket boxes to their grand party guests, wedding favours are very traditional but also very personal. Like everything in the wedding industry, there are a million and one ideas for favours but of course there are best practices. Here are the types of wedding favours that always go down well!

Medici Macarons

Sweet Treats

As a rule, chocolate lollipops, macarons, sweet stations, ice-cream vans, handmade fudge, cupcakes, Turkish delight, flying saucers and basically any kind of sugary treat that goes with your wedding theme is always well received by guests. It’s even better if you can present them in your wedding colours, with your monogram printed on it or in a specially made box with a message inside. Don’t be cheap though – we’ve heard horror stories of couples giving out two Quality Street sweets per guest as favours. (Really?)

Image SMH Photography


Flip flops

I love this idea! Admittedly aimed at the women at your wedding but a cute gift for all, offering your guests these comfy flip flops to change into during your evening party and take home with them is both practical and thoughtful. This doesn’t freeze out the male population of your wedding party either as the flip flops can be plain white and are sturdy enough to withstand holiday and sick-day conditions. The Wedding Flip Flops Company makes them in different styles which also come in individually packaged organza bags.

All things smelly

Whether they like to admit it or not, both men and women love sweet smelling things. I guarantee you that no one will be disappointed with a lovely bar of soap, candle, bath bomb or something of that ilk. Personalise the boxes in accordance with your theme and don’t you worry about the men – Debbie went shopping with her worse half and he bought more from Lush than she did!


Booze, glorious booze

Not only are mini alcohol bottles extremely adorable, they are quick and easy to transport home and generally well received – though be mindful of anyone who doesn’t drink. Mini Champagne bottles look sleek and stylish and can even be used as seating escort cards. If you’re having a very colourful, summer wedding, why not opt for mini bottles of Malibu with assorted coloured ribbons? Maybe you’re having a smooth, jazzy shindig and serving ice-cream for dessert, so why not give everyone a mini bottle of baileys to enjoy after? Some companies allow you to personalise the labels too making it even more personal and unique.

Image Samantha Ward Photography

So What’s The Secret To Good Favours?

The secret is (our favourite) be PERSONAL. The more personal the gift and tied into the theme, the better and more memorable it is! If you can tie it into a shared hobby you have or business then everyone will really appreciate the thought. The internet is a great resource for looking up ideas so use them to your advantage and modify them to suit you.

And that’s it! I hope you liked our favour ideas.

Which is your favourite?



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