Social Media and Your Wedding: Yes or No

5th April 2017

Love it or hate it, we live in a very digital world so it only makes sense that a smartphone will pop up at your wedding at some point. Many couples are choosing to use this to their advantage by digitising their wedding making it more inclusive. Conversely there are couples who hate the idea of people tweeting their special day instead of fully enjoying it. It’s an interesting debate and that’s what we’ll explore today. Whose side are you on?

Pro: Savings on stationery

Having your own wedding website (or ‘wedsite’) is a great way to save on your stationery costs! You can have your guests RSVP via these sites as well as put their music requests, access directions and upload their images after the wedding. If invitations aren’t that big of a deal to you, you could always send out e-vites which would automatically direct your guests to your ‘wedsite’. Saves a lot of chasing!

Pro: Extra photos and footage

Brilliant as your photographer may be, they can’t capture every smile from every guest in every location. That’s where your special hashtag on Instagram or Twitter comes in! Having your guests tag the photos they take throughout the day will allow you to see your wedding through their eyes. They won’t be perfect but they’ll surely add to the memories…right?…

Con: Ruining the surprise

This brings me on to the cons. Throughout the day, your bridal party will be by your side, supporting you, dancing with you and crying with you (sometimes from 7 in the morning!) Nowadays our instinct during an emotional, heartwarming moment like – oh I don’t know – when you first step out in your wedding dress, is to take a picture, or even better, a selfie. (Bridesmaids I’m looking at you!) This is great until your Maid of Honour puts it on Facebook and all of your Facebook happy guests, including your nervous groom, sees you before your big moment! The same goes for putting images of your menu tasting or cake sketch on social media months before your wedding. It spoils the fun. To me, the anticipation and element of surprise is crucial to a wedding – so no spoilers!

Con: Unflattering photos and footage

So you spent hours, weeks, months, preparing for this day. You’ve found a dress that makes you feel beautiful, cut your hair, endured weekly facials – the works! And then you see a particularly unflattering picture of yourself on Twitter where your nose looks a bit too shiny and your mascara has started to run. This is not what you want to see on your big day, nor do you want to see pictures of your groom with sweat trickling down his face from dancing too much. Professional photographs never have this problem.

The verdict

As you can probably tell, I’m in the no camp for this one but not for the rational reasons I’ve listed here. I’m quite old fashioned by nature (I even have a physical address book!) so for me, Facebooking and Tweeting during a wedding takes you out of the moment. If you’re on your phone filming a ceremony rather than watching it, you’re not really connecting with what’s going on. I wouldn’t suggest an outright ban on mobile phones but for the ceremony and speeches especially, guests should just sit back and take it all in.

What do you think about social media at your wedding? Would you have a hashtag on Twitter/Instagram?
Let us know your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter (oh the irony) and we’ll see you soon!!

Debbie & Andrea x

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