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20th September 2017

Calling brides-to-be and fellow wedding-lovers. It’s a month before your wedding, the deadline to inform your caterers of numbers was yesterday and you have 75 out of 100 RSVPs sat untouched in your fruit bowl. You have no idea who has replied or how to work a time machine to give you an extra week to collect the details. So what to do?

Managing your guest list can be a time-consuming job and worst of all, it is probably the least fun thing about planning your special day. But do not fear, that scenario just mentioned was one projection of what was to come if we, your fairy e-mother’s were not here. We will ensure that by the time you place on your veil, your hair underneath will not have turned grey due to the stress over something as frivolous as managing your RSVPs, saving you valuable time… which you can now spend obsessing over napkin designs instead!

Gorgeous stationery from one of our recent weddings

RSVP Cards

So you have finally decided on your guest list, you have spent hours obsessing over the design of the invitations and they are written and raring to go. But don’t post them just yet. It is advisable that you include a pre-addressed and stamped RSVP card to help encourage your guests to reply promptly – as you know the less people have to do, the more likely we are to do it. So, what to include on your RSVP card?


Tick boxes/cross out words are generally used to make the reply process as simple as possible. If you are having a traditional wedding, stick with the traditionally phrased RSVP cards to keep in theme. However, creative RSVP cards are a great way to get your characters across.

For example:

Be there or be square!
Hooray! I’m there!
Sadly I’m square!

RSVPs can even be tied in with the theme of your wedding such as this idea for a garden theme:

Come rain or shine we will be there!

RSVP ideas

Dietary Requirements

Include a space for any allergies or dietary requirements. If you are offering a choice of menus, here would be a good place to include this. You could also offer a preference of wine.

Response Date

Make sure the response date is clearly visible and for all to see. My advice is to give yourself an extra month before all information needs to be handed over to caterers in order for you to chase up the stragglers.
Top Tip: Include a creative question: for instance: if ___________ was playing at your wedding, I’d definitely put on my dancing shoes and take to the floor!
This gives you a great hand in collating a set list of dance floor fillers!

Too much information, too little time!

So you have all these RVSP cards, what to do with them?! My advice to you would be number invitations before they are sent out (you’ll be surprised at how many people forget to write their name on RSVP tick boxes) and set up a spreadsheet so you can fill in who has replied and who hasn’t, including all information on wine preferences and dietary requirements. Fill the spreadsheet in as and when you get them in order to keep on top of the guest list and prevent the boring admin snowballing.

For the technologically advanced (sorry Aunty Ethel but stop reading here) there is an amazing website which allows you to set up a personalised site. You can choose a theme, give all details of your day, and it gathers all your RSVPs for you giving you one less thing to worry about! And as if things couldn’t get any better, the website is FREE! The website is easy to set up and could relieve a large amount of stress knowing there is a contact point for all guests! If you’re as excited by this as I am, take a look at: to see what all the fuss is about.
Top tip: if you are going to use technology as a way to manage your guest list, ensure there is a way that Aunty Ethel can still get in contact.


It is advisable to send these out 6 months before the wedding, be organised and give your guests plenty of time to plan and clear their social diaries! Inevitably, there will be people that lose cards, forget to post them, or assume that telling your brother’s girlfriend’s sister is an appropriate reply, so, unfortunately, there may be a last minute ring around. However, my Top Tip of all is not to stress too much about precise numbers. Caterers are used to dealing with all kinds of weddings so make sure you speak to them about how they would deal with a few unexpected guests.

That should be everything you need to know to keep on top of your guest list management – your fairy godmothers making all Cinderella’s attending the ball a piece of pumpkin cake.


Main image: Pink Sherbet Stationery


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