How to destress before your wedding day

16th October 2019

Weddings are high-stress moments for everyone involved. Even seasoned professionals feel the pressure to be their very best, so we completely understand how nerve-wracking it must be for you!

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You’re committing to the one you love in front of all of your friends and family. All eyes are on you – you have a right to be a little frazzled! Though as always, the whole experience is far easier for everyone when you are calm, well rested and content. So here are our top tips for de-stressing before your wedding day.

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Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty is more than just a fairytale, it’s a life lesson! Getting enough sleep makes you more relaxed, healthy and prepared to take on what is going to be a long and emotional day. We know you may be so excited that you can’t rest easy, but certain wind-down activities can help put you to bed. Reading, taking a hot bath and drinking herbal tea or something milky like hot chocolate, are all known to make you sleepy. Stay away from caffeine, surfing the Internet and texting an hour to half an hour before you want to sleep as these keep your brain active.

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Organise your time

In the wedding industry, being timely is crucial for the smooth running of any wedding day, whether you have 40 guests or 400! There are deposits to pay, wording to approve, supplier meetings to attend and lots of paperwork to sort. These all need to be on schedule. So not to feel rushed at the end, the best way to get through everything without drowning, is to do little and often. Set aside some ‘wedding time’ every day and that way you’ll be comfortably ahead of yourself when the time comes. Be sure to keep a diary too of all your meetings and deadlines.

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Have an escape

If you feel like things are getting on top of you, it’s important to have an out of some description. This could be walking the dog, meditation, going for a scenic drive, listening to your favourite music, taking a day trip with your bestie or watching a film; anything that takes your mind off things. Some people prefer to be alone and others like to gather friends to help them do this. Whatever works for you, let it be your calling card if it gets too much.

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The Pursuit of Perfection

We all want our big day to perfect and being relaxed and happy will go along way, to achieving your dream wedding. If you’ve managed your time well, slept enough and mentally escaped when needed to, then it’ll be far easier to get into that wonderful frame of mind. You’ll be excited and not stressed. However, this last tip is one that many will find difficult to accomplish, but we promise it helps – you just have to let the little things go. So what if the Maid of Honour tripped when she walked up the aisle? So what it rained for twenty minutes? So what if the best man got nervous and burped extremely loudly during his best man’s speech? These are all things you can’t control, but you can be prepared for and ultimately can let go. We truly believe that it’s these imperfections that add character to the day. It makes your wedding a story to tell as every little thing will be unique to your special day.

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Of course, you want everything to be on time, your guests to be well catered for and your suppliers to be top notch – these are your priorities and are likely to happen anyway if you’re organised and choose wisely. Then if two-year-old Frankie vomits at his highchair, don’t sweat it, you’re doing fine. Everything is still perfect.

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We hope this article of destressing helps you and we wish you a fun-filled, stress-free and joyful wedding day!

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