Quick Guide to Winter Weddings

24th October 2018

As we can tell by the cooler temperatures and over cast skies, winter is well and truly on its way! But don’t despair, with the season comes the opportunity of a gorgeous winter wedding.  Think deep bold colours, roaring fires, lots of candlelight and may be if you’re very lucky a sprinkling of snow!!!! If all of these things get your pulse racing then here are some handy hints.

Visit venues in the winter

This may sound obvious but many couples forget to do this. Visiting the venue during the month you intend to marry is important. You’ll get a rough indication of the climate at the time, how warm the rooms are, the amount of light flooding in, etc. These factors can affect your decision and your venue dressing.

Quick tip: for those who have always dreamt of a snowy backdrop to your special day, don’t automatically assume December is your best bet. Most recently, January/February have been the best months for powdery fluffy snow, whereas December has been quite slushy. Contact your venue directly to find out the ideal date for an all white wedding.

Image: Fletcher & Foley

Choose seasonal flowers

If you’ve always wanted a bouquet of sunflowers then I hate to break it to you but maybe an autumn/winter wedding isn’t for you. Ordering flowers out of season adds costs to an already costly part of the budget. But don’t worry, buying seasonally means you’ll still be spoilt for choice! A few of my favourite winter flowers are anemones, hyacinths, freesias, lillies, dahlias, gerberas and of course roses.

Image: Rock My Wedding

Stick to a wintery pastel theme

When you think winter wedding you think of muted pastels, lots of glitter and candles to add warmth. Style your wedding with pine cones and berried ivy to make it even more festive. Remember that warmth is key to a winter theme. It may be cold outside but you want your decor to keep your guests feeling toasty.

Image: Joseph Massie Flowers
Image: Hadyn Rydings
Image: Joseph Massie Flowers

…or don’t!

Image: Mike & TomAlthough I love the classic winter theme it has been done a thousand times. Don’t think that because the sky is grey you can’t go brighter! If bold colours are more you then go for it. You can make any colour work if you put your mind to it and keep your venue’s decor in mind at all times.

Image: Sansom Photography

Thank you for reading this little guide to winter weddings. We hope it helps. Let us know on Facebook and Twitter what your favourite wedding season is?


Main Image: Joseph Massie Flowers


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