Do you really need wedding insurance?

7th June 2017

The issue of wedding insurance often comes up amongst our couples. The average wedding costs around £30,000 so naturally many want to protect their investment. This week we weigh up the pros and cons of wedding insurance to see if you really need it.

Pro: You’re covered if accidental damage occurs

If prior to the wedding, your dress or cake is accidentally damaged, then insurers will often pay for a new one. In the case of venues, they’ll cover part of the costs of rearranging the wedding if your venue is structurally unsound. (Above is an image of when the lovely Clandon Park House burnt down causing dozens of unhappy couples to cancel their wedding. Wedding insurance would protect you from this!)

Pro: You’re covered if a supplier or venue fails you

You are often relying on a lot of professionals at your wedding but there’s not always a guarantee that they’ll be on top form on the day. If your supplier files for bankruptcy and is therefore in breach of contract you can claim your deposit and some of the fees back from insurance. This goes for your core suppliers such as cake designers, florists, musicians, venue dressers etc.

Pro: You’re covered if you need to cancel or rearrange due to illness

If your future spouse or close family member falls suddenly ill (heaven forbid) then your insurer will likely refund many of your deposits should you need to cancel or rearrange the wedding. You can claim a lot of your costs back this way.

Con: You can claim most but not all of your costs back

If you’ve spent £30k on your wedding and your venue’s roof collapses then it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to claim all of that money back. The process can take some time as well.


Image: Cakewreck


Con: Reading the fine print

As always insurers can often catch you out with loophole clauses. Do make sure you’ve read and understood your policy before signing anything.

Con: It’s an extra expense

Wedding insurance doesn’t really cost that much but it is an extra expense on your probably quite tall bill for your wedding. Most couples won’t need it either.

Image: The Knot

The Verdict: Weigh up the risk

So do you need wedding insurance? I’d say yes with an asterisk. It’s advisable to take out a policy ‘just in case’ as it’s fairly inexpensive, but if you go for trustworthy suppliers with solid reputations, choose a sensible location and date where adverse weather conditions won’t interfere and generally keep on top of things, your risk will be significantly reduced. Everything will be fine… probably.



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