5 Things To Remember When Creating Your Wedding Breakfast

1st March 2017

One thing our couples stress about a lot is their menu choice. They recount horror stories of terrible food at weddings they’ve attended or recoil when thinking about how to please their vegan, gluten-free, egg-free, salt-free, preservative-free super friend who wants the perfect meal for them. We completely understand! It’s hard work choosing the perfect menu but here are a few things to remember.

You must choose a veggie option

Almost all venues and caterers will insist you select a vegetarian option for your veggie guests, no matter how many or how few there are in your wedding party. One thing you could request is a vegetarian variation of what the main dish is, which is nice for those who feel a bit left out when confined to a bog standard bruschetta. Let your caterers get creative so that the vegetarian option is just as strong as the meat main.

Ask for dietary requirements on your invitations

Whether you think you know your wedding guests’ eating habits or not, it is ESSENTIAL that you ask for specific dietary requirements. Allergies can fade, intolerances can worsen, diets are adopted and taste’s change. You need to relay all of this information to your caterers one week before the wedding to make sure everyone is catered for.

The more choices you have the bigger the headache

Couples often think that if you let your guests choose then it’ll be easier for everyone! They get what they’ve requested and it saves you the hassle of choosing for them… or does it? Not only are the logistics more challenging due to having to keep track of everyone’s menu choice but you can also get picky people who will ask for a variation on the menu choice or something different altogether. We are not suggesting a firm no on options, but best practice is to offer two choices and don’t make concessions unless their diet requires it.

Safe doesn’t mean boring

Chicken! Everyone loves chicken right? Yes, chicken is a crowd pleaser but that doesn’t mean you should settle for roast chicken and boiled vegetables. If the food at your venue is uninspiring, ask kindly for a bespoke menu! Chefs are creatives at heart and a bespoke menu lets them come into their own. Get creative with them and see what happens!

You can’t please everyone

This might be the most important thing to remember. You are quite possibly trying to craft a menu for over 100 people. This is no easy task and you are bound to get some critics as food is highly personal. Try to please yourself first and don’t give yourself a headache striving to find the perfect dish that pleases all. Relax a little!

Ta ta for now!

Debbie & Andrea x

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