5 Things To Do The Week Before The Wedding

1st February 2017

The week before the wedding is an exciting time; you won’t believe how quickly it comes around! So it is important to keep cool and organised so everything goes swimmingly on the day. Here are our top tips!

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1. Confirm with all contractors

This is the week that you need to confirm everything with your suppliers. What times are they arriving? How long are they staying? Do they have all of the information they need? Have they had their final payments? Write up a quick checklist of your wedding team and make sure everyone is briefed and happy.

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2. Brief the bridesmaids

You may have deployed your bridal army wisely by giving them jobs. Perhaps one is in charge of getting your gifts and cards to your house or hotel room. Maybe another is in charge of cash payments for suppliers. Even if you just want them to smile, walk slowly down the aisle and keep you sane, be sure to remind them!

Photo by Phil Drinkwater

3. Arrange a Morning-of-the-Wedding gift

Though not everyone does this, a Morning-of-the-Wedding gift for your future hubby-to-be is always a nice touch! Even a little note to say I love you or a sentimental picture of you at the beginning of your relationship will make his morning. It’ll instantly remind him of why and how much he loves you!

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4. Organise your post-wedding committee

One important thing is to organise what is going to happen after the wedding. Make sure your florists and venue dressers know when they can access the venue to pack down after the day has ended. It’s also a good idea to ensure safe carriage of your stationery, cards, gifts and any personal bits to your home or a safe place. Post wedding pickup is forgotten about quite often, so mark it in your diary for the week before the wedding!

Photo by Adam Riley

5. Try to relax

Yes yes, easier said than done, but you really must try to chill a little bit before your big day. Of course express your excitement and be giddy, but stress and overthinking are definitely to be avoided. If you have all of the above sorted then you can relax the night before the wedding. Run a bath, sip something bubbly and enjoy the moment… you’re getting married in the morning!

Andrea & Debbie x

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